Michael J. Strambler, PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry; Director, Child Wellbeing and Education Research

Research Interests

Achievement; Behavioral Medicine; Child Psychiatry; Culture; Psychiatry; Urban Health

Research Organizations

Psychiatry: Connecticut Mental Health Center: The Consultation Center | Partnership for Early Education Research (PEER)

Faculty Research

Research Summary

One area of my research concerns understanding the role of social environments in the academic, psychological, social, and behavioral well-being of children and youth in urban contexts. My main focus in this area is on the ways in which home and school settings shape how youth perceive themselves academically and how self-perception affects academic performance and behavior.

Another primary area of my work focuses on the assessment of school-based programs and practices for the purpose of improving the academic performance and health of children. I am particularly interested in the design and implementation of rigorous and practical approaches to using data for informing practice and policy.

Specialized Terms: Academic achievement and engagement; Social, emotional, and behavioral health; Child development; Self-concept; Program development and evaluation; Culture

Selected Publications

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Michael J. Strambler, PhD
Office Location
The Consultation Center389 Whitney Avenue
New Haven, CT 06511
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The Consultation Center
389 Whitney Avenue

New Haven, CT 06511

Curriculum Vitae

Child Wellbeing and Education Research