Michael A Hoge PhD

Professor of Psychiatry; Director, Yale Behavioral Health; Director, Yale Group on Workforce Development; Director, Clinical Training in Psychology

Research Interests

Systems of care; Severe mental illness; Workforce development; Behavioral health; Supervision

Current Projects

  • The development of workforce Collaboratives in behavioral health.
  • Burnout in the behavioral health workforce.
  • Recruitment & retention in the behavioral health workforce.
  • The effectiveness of supervision.
  • The comparative effectiveness of state workforce development efforts.

Research Summary

Dr. Hoge specializes in the development, evaluation, and management of comprehensive systems of care for persons with mental health and substance conditions. His research has focused on severe mental illness and non-hospital alternatives for individuals experiencing acute mental health problems. Most recently his research has centered on workforce development in behavioral health, including recruitment, retention, training, and the performance of individuals providing mental health and addiction services.

Selected Publications

  • Hoge, M., Paris, M., Añez, L. M., & Corominas, A. Las multiples caras de la hospitalizacion parcial (The many faces of partial hospitalization). Revista Diversitas: Perspectivas en Psicología, 5 (1), 13-26, 2009
  • Stuart GW, Hoge MA, Morris JA, Adams N, & Daniels AS. The Annapolis Coalition Report on the United State’s Behavioral Health Workforce Needs: International Implications. International Journal of Mental Health, 38, (1), 46-60, 2009
  • Desai, R.A., Goulet, J.L., Robbins, J., Chapman, J.F., Migdole, S.J., Hoge, M.A. Mental health care in juvenile detention facilities: a review. The Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law 34, (2), 204-214, 2006
  • Hoge, M.A., Morris, J.A., Daniels, A.S., Huey, L.Y., Stuart, G.W., Adams, N., Paris, M., Goplerud, E., Horgan, C.M., Kaplan, L., Storti, S.A., & Dodge, J.M., Report of recommendations: the Annapolis Coalition conference on behavioral health workforce competencies. Administration and Policy in Mental Health, 32 (5/6), 651-663, 2005
  • Styron, T.H., Shaw, M., McDuffie, E, & Hoge, M.A. Curriculum resources for training direct care providers in public sector mental health. Administration and Policy in Mental Health, 32 (5/6), 633-649, 2005

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