Matthew Gambino, MD, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow in Psychiatry

Research Organizations

Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health

Selected Publications

  • Matthew Gambino, Anthony Pavlo, and David A. Ross, “Recovery in Mind: Perspectives from Postgraduate Psychiatric Trainees," Academic Psychiatry (forthcoming).
  • Matthew Gambino, "Fevered Decisions: Race, Ethics, and Clinical Vulnerability in the Malarial Treatment of Neurosyphilis, 1922-1953," Hastings Center Report 2015; 45: 1-11.
  • Matthew Gambino, "Erving Goffman’s Asylums and Institutional Culture in the Mid-twentieth-century United States," Harvard Review of Psychiatry 2013; 21: 52-57.
  • Matthew Gambino, "'These Strangers within our Gates': Race, Psychiatry and Mental Illness among Black Americans at St. Elizabeths Hospital in Washington, D.C., 1900-1940," History of Psychiatry 2008; 19: 387-408.

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Matthew Gambino, MD, PhD
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Yale Program for Recovery and Community HealthErector Square, Bldg One
319 Peck Street

New Haven, CT 06513

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