Mark J Graham

Evaluation Director, Center for Teaching and Learning

Selected Publications

  • Graham, M.J., Frederick, J., Byars-Winston, A., Hunter, A-B., & Handelsman, J. (2013). Increasing persistence of college students in STEM. Science. 341 (6153), 1455-1456.
  • Moss-Racusin, C., Dovidio, J., Brescoll, V., Graham, M.J., & Handelsman, J. (2012). Science faculty’s subtle gender biases favors male students. Proceedings of the National Academies of Science. 109(41): 16474-16479.
  • Graham, M.J., Naqvi, Z., Encandela, J., Bylund, C., Dean, R., Calero-Breckheimer, A., & Schmidt, H. (2009). What indicates competency in systems based practice? An analysis of perspective consistency among healthcare team members.
  • Cutler, J., Alspecter, S., Harding, K., & Wright, L., & Graham, M. J. (2006). Medical students’ perceptions of psychiatry as a career choice. Academic Psychiatry, 30:2, 144-149.
  • Cutler, J., Harding, K., Alspector, S., Masters, S., Pica, A.G., Wright, L., & Graham, M.J. (2009). Discrediting the notion that “Working with crazies will make you crazy”: Addressing stigma and enhancing empathy in medical student education. Advances
  • Trochim, W., Kane, C., Graham, M.J., & Pincus, H. (2011). Evaluating translational research: A process marker model. Clinical and Translational Science. 4:153-162.

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