Marci Mitchell, PhD

Associate Research Scientist in Psychiatry

Research Summary

Dr. Mitchell is investigating the effects of sex and gender on impulsive choice behavior in addiction. She initially pursued this area of investigation in her doctoral work, using an animal model. Now she is bridging the gap between preclinical and clinical research to become an interdisciplinary investigator interested in translating findings into treatments and public health practice. Dr. Mitchell will use data from cocaine-dependent and healthy control subjects to determine whether there are gender differences in impulsive choice behavior and to determine if there are functional differences in how women and men process information in making choices. The purpose of this work is to understand the mechanisms of choice so interventions can be developed to affect those mechanisms for positive change.

Selected Publications

  • Mitchell, M.,R., Potenza, M.N., (2015). Importance of sex differences in impulse control and addictions. Frontiers Opinion Article. PMID: 25762943 PMCID: PMC4332159
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