Luis E. Bedregal PhD

Lecturer in Psychiatry

Research Interests

Hispanics/Latinos; Mental Health; Natural Recovery; Substance Abuse/Alcohol Abuse; Cross-cultural psychology; Test development and standardization

Research Summary

I am interested in research projects addressing recovery and health disparities. For instance, a study I was involved in focused on assessing help seeking, therapeutic alliance, and satisfaction with services among monolingual Spanish speaking Latinas receiving behavioral health services. Another important area of interest is on the development and psychometric evaluation of assessment instruments for monolingual Spanish speaking Latinos. I am interested in conducting research on natural recovery from substance use in the monolingual Spanish speaking and bilingual Latino populations living in the U.S. and in developing and testing culturally sensitive treatment protocols for Latinos affected with substance use disorders. Another area of interest is program evaluation.

Extensive Research Description

Luis Bedregal is an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine. His research interests include mental health, natural recovery, substance abuse and alcohol abuse, health disparities and cross-cultural psychology. Dr. Bedregal focuses on alcohol use and recovery among Latino populations and develops culturally sensitive treatment protocols for Latinos affected with substance use disorders. He served as the research director and development coordinator at the Hispanic clinic of the Connecticut Mental Health Center at Yale and worked as a therapist for the Yale Addiction and Substance Abuse Programs. Dr. Bedregal is a recipient of the faculty travel grant to Peru from the Yale Global Health Initiative.

Dr. Bedregal received his M.S. and Ph.D. from Nova Southeastern University. He is a member of the National Latino Psychological Association, the Interamerican Society of Psychology and the National Hispanic Science Network on Drug Abuse. Dr. Bedregal serves as supervisor of the Ayacucho Mental Health Project in Peru and is a reviewer for Behavior Therapy, published by the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies.

Selected Publications

  • Añez, L., Paris, M., Bedregal, L. E., Davidson, L. & Grilo, C. Application of cultural constructs in the care of first generation Latino clients in a community mental health setting. Journal of Psychiatric Practice, 11(4), 221-230. (2005).
  • Bedregal, L. E., Sobell, L. C., Sobell, M. B., & Simco, E. Psychometric characteristics of a Spanish version of the DAST-10 and the RAGS. Addictive Behaviors, 31(2), 309-319. (2006).
  • Bedregal, L. E., O’Connell, M., & Davidson, L. The recovery knowledge inventory: Assessment of mental health staff knowledge and attitudes about recovery. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 30, 96- 103. (2006).
  • Davidson, L., Andres-Hyman, R., Bedregal, L., Tondora, J., Fry, J. & Kirk, T.J. From “Double trouble” to “Dual recovery”: Integrating models of recovery in addiction and mental health. Journal of Dual Diagnosis, 4(3), 273-290. (2008).
  • Becker, D. F., Añez, L. M., Paris, M., Bedregal, L. & Grilo, C. M. Factor structure and diagnostic efficiency of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, criteria for Avoidant Personality Disorder in Hispanic men and women with substance use disorders. Comprehensive Psychiatry, 50, 463-470. (2009).

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