Joseph Lucien Goulet PhD, MS

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Research Interests

HIV; Psychiatric comorbidity; Substance abuse disorders; Clustering algorithms; Longitudinal statistical models

Research Summary

Dr. Goulet conducts research focusing on the process of care and outcomes related to HIV infection, including the effects of aging, medical treatment and adherence, provider characteristics, and psychiatric comorbid illness. He currently is Director of Biostatistics for: 1) Veterans Aging Cohort Study (VACS; an NIAAA funded multi-site prospective cohort study examining the role of alcohol use and abuse in determining outcomes among veterans aging with HIV infection and comparing this role to age-race-site matched HIV negative veterans, and 2) the VHA funded Pain Research, Informatics, Medical comorbidities and Education study (PRIME), a project to promote access, continuity, and sustainability of safe and effective interventions for pain and pain-related disability for veterans.

Extensive Research Description

I am interested in health services research focusing on Veterans with HIV infection and psychiatric comorbidity. My specific interests include research on: the prognostic significance of psychiatric and substance abuse comorbidity among people with HIV, the ‘clustering’ of comorbid diseases and conditions, and the treatment of chronic pain among patients with current or pre-existing substance use disorders.

Selected Publications

  • Goulet J, Molde S, Constatino J, Gaughan D, Selwyn P. Psychiatric comorbidity & the long-term care of people with AIDS. J Urban Health 2000, 77:213-221. [PMID: 10856002]
  • Goulet JL, Fultz SL, Justice AC. Prevalence of Comorbidities and Treatment Contra-indications in HIV Mono-infected and in HIV/HCV Co-infected Veterans. AIDS 2005, 19 (Suppl 3):S99-S105. [PMID: 16251836]
  • Justice AC, Dombrowski E, Conigliaro J, Fultz SL, Gibson D, Madenwald T, Goulet JL, et al. Veterans Aging Cohort Study (VACS): Overview and Description. Medical Care 2006, 44(8 Suppl 2):S13-24. [PMID: 16849964]
  • Goulet JL, Erdos J, Kancir S, Levin FL, Wright SM, Daniels SM, Nilan L, Justice AC (2006). Measuring Performance Directly Using the VA Electronic Medical Record: A Comparison with External Peer Review. Medical Care 2007, 45(1):73-79. [PMID: 17279023]
  • Crothers K. Goulet JL. Rodriguez-Barradas MC. Gibert CL. Butt AA. Braithwaite RS. Peck R. Justice AC. Decreased awareness of current smoking among health care providers of HIV-positive compared to HIV-negative veterans. JGIM 2007, 22(6):749-754. [PMID: 17503106]
  • Goulet J, Fultz S, Rimland D, Butt A, Gibert C, Rodriguez-Barradas M, Bryant K, Justice AC. Do Patterns of Comorbidity Vary by HIV Status, Age, and HIV severity? Clin Inf Dis 2007, 45:1593-1601. [PMID: 18190322]
  • Rodriguez-Barradas MC, Goulet JL, Brown S, Goetz MB, Rimland D, Simberkoff MS, Crothers K, Justice AC. Impact of pneumococcal vaccination by HIV status on the incidence of pneumonia among subjects enrolled in the Veterans Aging Cohort Five-Site Study. Clin Infect Dis 2008, 46(Apr 1):1093-1100. [PMID: 18444830]
  • O’Mahoney S, Goulet J. Breitbart W. Desire for hastened death, cancer pain, and depression: Report of an observational longitudinal study. J Pain Symptom Manage. 2005, 29(5):446-457. [PMID: 15904747]
  • Desai RA, Goulet JL, Robbins J, Chapman JF, Migdole SJ, Hoge MA. Mental health care in juvenile detention facilities: A review. J Amer Acad Psychiatry & the Law. 2006, 34(2):204-214. [PMID: 16844801]
  • Justice AC, Zingmond DS, Gordon KS, Fultz SL, Goulet JL, King JT Jr, Bravata DM, Valdez H, Kraft M, Mattocks KM; Veterans Aging Cohort Study Project Team. Drug toxicity, HIV progression, or comorbidity of aging: does tipranavir use increase the risk of intracranial hemorrhage? Clin Infect Dis 2008, Nov 1;47(9):1226-1230. [PMID: 18831696]


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