Helen Fox PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Research Interests

Cocaine dependence; Alcohol dependence; Designer drugs; Novel psychoactive substances; Stress and immune system adaptations; Sex differences; Cognition and addiction; Emotion regulation; Pharmacotherapy development

Selected Publications

  • Fox, H.C., Sinha, R. (2014). The role of guanfacine as a therapeutic agent to address stress- related pathophysiology in cocaine dependent individuals. Advances in Pharmacology, 69:217-65
  • Fox, H.C., Morgan, P.T., Sinha, R., (2014). Sex Differences in Guanfacine Effects on Drug Craving and Stress Arousal in Cocaine-Dependent Individuals. Neuropsychopharmacology, 39(6):1527-37
  • Milivojevic, V., Sinha, R., Sofuoglu, M., Fox, H.C. (in press). Effects of endogenous and exogenous progesterone on emotional intelligence in cocaine dependent men and women who also abuse alcohol. Human Psychopharmacology.
  • Fox, H.C., Sofuoglu, M., Morgan, P.T., Tuit, K.L., Sinha, R. (2013). The Effects of Exogenous Progesterone on drug craving and stress arousal in cocaine dependence: Impact of gender and cue type. PNEC. 38(9):1532-44.
  • Fox, H.C., Tuit, K.L., Sinha, R. (2013). Stress system changes associated with marijuana dependence may increase craving for alcohol and cocaine. Human Psychopharm. 28(1):40-53.
  • Fox, H.C., Seo, D., Tuit, K., Hansen, J., Kimmerling, A., Morgan, P.T., Sinha, R. (2012). Guanfacine effects on stress, drug craving and prefrontal activation in cocaine dependent individuals: preliminary findings. J Psychopharmacol. 26(7):958-72
  • Fox, H.C., D’Sa, C., Kimmerling, A., Siedlarz, K.M., Tuit, K.L., Stowe, R., Sinha, R. (2012) Immune system inflammation in cocaine dependent individuals: Implications for medications development. Human Psychopharmacology 27(2):156-66.
  • Fox, H.C., Anderson, G.M., Tuit, K., Hansen, J., Kimmerling, A., Siedlarz, K.M., Morgan, P.T., Sinha, R. (2012). Prazosin effects on stress- and cue-induced craving and stress response in alcohol-dependent individuals: preliminary findings.Alcohol Clin Exp Res. 36(2):351-60.
  • Fox, H.C., Bergquist, K.L., Casey, J., Hong, K.A., Sinha, R. (2011) Selective cocaine-related difficulties in emotional intelligence: relationship to stress and impulse control. American Journal on Addictions. 20(2):151-60

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