Gretchen Hermes, MD, PhD

Instructor in Psychiatry

Public Health Interests

Aging; Chronic disease management; Depression; HIV/AIDS; Psychological Trauma; Schizophrenia

Research Organizations


Selected Publications

  • Simon-Areces, J., Dietrich, MO, Hermes, G, and T. Horvath, UCP2 regulates neuronal differentiation of the hippocampus and related adult behavior, PLoS ONE 2012, 7(8):e42911.
  • Hermes, G., Li, N., Duman, C. and R. Duman, Post-weaning chronic social isolation produces significant behavioral dysregulation with decreases in prefrontal cortex synaptic-associated protein and glutamate receptor expression in female rats. Physiology an
  • Hermes, G., Delgado, B., Krausz, T., Conzen, S., and M. K. McClintock, Social isolation dysregulates stress and behavioral responses and increases the burden and malignancy of spontaneous mammary tumors. Proceedings of the National Academy, 2009, 106(52)
  • Hermes, G, James W Ajioka, Krystyna A Kelly, Ernest Mui, Fiona Roberts, Kristen Kasza, Thomas Mayr, Michael J Kirisits, Robert Wollman, David Ferguson, Craig W Roberts, Jong-Hee Hwang, Toria Trendler, Richard P Kennan, Yasuhiro Suzuki, Catherine Reardon,
  • Hermes, G. and M. K. McClintock. Isolation and the timing of mammary gland development, gonadarche, and estropause: implications for mammary tumor burden. Developmental Psychobiology, 2007, 50(4):353-60.
  • Hermes, G. Rosenthal, L. Montag, A. and M.K. McClintock. Social isolation and the inflammatory response: Sex differences in the enduring effects of a prior stressor. American Journal of Physiology: Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology, 2006,
  • Hermes, G., Jacobs, L. and M. K. McClintock. A novel foraging field to quantify spatial cognition, learning, and memory (2005). Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, 84(1):69-73

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Gretchen Hermes, MD, PhD
Patient Care Location
Stress CenterDoctors Building
2 Church Street South, Ste 209

New Haven, CT 06519
Lab Location
Horvath LabBrady Memorial Laboratory
310 Cedar Street, Ste 416

New Haven, CT 06510
Mailing Address
Yale Stress Center2 Church St S
New Haven, CT 06519