Esperanza Diaz MD

Associate Professor of Psychiatry; Medical Director Hispanic Clinic and Latino Behavioral Health System; Associate Director Psychiatry Residency Program

Research Interests

Medication adherence in Latinos; Culturally sensitive services; Ethnicity and language influences on mood disorders diagnoses; Teaching methods for cultural sensitivity; Cultural formulation interview pilot

Current Projects

The Latino Behavioral Health, an expansion of mental health services to primary care and community agencies includes an evaluation.

Development methods to teach cultural competence and sensitivity

Cultural Formulation Interview pilot for DSM V

Research Summary

Adherence to medication in persistent mental disorders. Mental Health Services for Latino Populations: exploring influences affecting access and retention. Exploring effective methods to teach cultural sensitivity. Participating in a cultural formulation interview pilot an international effort to address culture in DSM V.

Selected Publications

  • Díaz E, Miskemen T, Vega WA, Gara M, Wilson DR, Lesser I, Escamilla M, Neighbors HW, Arndt S, Strakowski S. Inconsistencies in diagnosis and symptoms among bilingual and English-speaking Latinos and Euro-Americans. Psychiatr Serv. 2009 Oct;60(10):1379-82.
  • Diaz E, Woods SW, Rosenheck RA. Effects of ethnicity on psychotropic medications adherence. Community Ment Health J. 2005 Oct;41(5):521-37.

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