Donna M LaPaglia PsyD

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry; Director of the Substance Abuse Treatment Unit of the Connecticut Mental Health Center; Associate Director of Addiction Services, the Connecticut Mental Health Center

Research Interests

Psychotherapy for substance use disorders; Training and supervision in addictions treatment; Behavioral interventions for addictions; Best teaching practices in psychology and psychiatry training programs.

Selected Publications

  • Ball, S. A., Maccarelli, L. M., LaPaglia, D. M., Ostrowski, M. J., Randomized trial of dual-focused versus single-focused individual therapy for personality disorder and substance dependence. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease 199, (5), 319-328, 2011.
  • Samuel, D. B, LaPaglia, D. M., Maccarelli, L. M., Moore, B. A., Ball, S. A., Personality disorders and retention in a therapeutic community for substance dependence. The American Journal on Addictions, 20 (6): 555-562, 2011.
  • LaPaglia, D. M. Challenges and solutions of adding medications to specialty addiction treatment programs: A review and suggestions. Alcohol Health and Research 33, 4, 2011.
  • Carroll, K.M., Nich, C., LaPaglia, D. M., Peters, E.N., Easton, C.J., Petry, N.M., (in press) Combining cognitive behavioral therapy and contingency management to enhance their effects in treating cannabis dependence: Less can be more, more or less. Addiction.

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