David H Klemanski Psy.D.

Lecturer in and Associate Research Scientist in Psychology; Director, The Yale Center for Anxiety and Mood Disorders; Deputy Privacy Officer, Psychology

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Research Interests

Anxiety disorders; social anxiety; posttraumatic stress disorder; generalized anxiety disorder; emotion regulation;


  • B.A., Baldwin-Wallace College, 1998
  • M.S., Florida State University, 2000
  • M.A., University of Hartford, 2004
  • Psy.D., University of Hartford, 2006

Selected Publications

  • Aikins, D. E., Johnson, D. C., Borelli, J. K., Klemanski, D. H., Morrissey, P. M., Benham, T. L., Southwick, S. M., & Tolin, D. F. (2009). Thought suppression failures in combat PTSD: A cognitive load hypothesis. Behavior Research and Therapy, 47, 744-751.
  • Klemanski, D. H., Mennin, D. S., Borelli, J. L., Morrissey, P. M., & Aikins, D. E. (In press). Emotion-related regulatory deficits and psychopathological correlates in active-duty Iraq war soldiers with and without posttraumatic stress disorder.
  • Klemanski, D. H., McLaughlin, K. A., Nolen-Hoeksema, S. Emotion regulation deficits among adolescents with social anxiety disorder and depressive symptoms. Manuscript submitted for publication.


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