Christian Connell, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychiatry; Co-Director, Division of Prevention and Community Research, Department of Psychiatry; Director, Child Development and Epidemiological Research, The Consultation Center

Research Interests

Adolescent Behavior; Alcoholism; Child Abuse; Child Development; Child Psychiatry; Child Welfare; Community Medicine; Psychiatry; Qualitative Research

Research Organizations

Edward Zigler Center in Child Development and Social Policy

Psychiatry: Psychology Section | The Consultation Center

Research Summary

My research addresses issues related to the prevention of risk behaviors and promotion of positive outcomes for at-risk child and adolescent populations within community settings or served by formal systems of care. I engage in a range of research activities encompassing several areas of interest but ultimately linking back to this central focus. One area of research examines potentially malleable influences on the development of risky behavior (i.e., substance use, sexual risk behavior, antisocial behavior) among at-risk child and adolescent populations, and also involves the development and testing of programs to prevent or reduce involvement in such behaviors.

Another area of research uses identifies routes by which child, family, and service setting characteristics interact to influence youth outcomes (e.g., behavioral or functional well-being, systems-level outcomes such as entry or discharge from care) within youth-serving systems of care, and seeks to inform the development of more effective services and supports within these systems. Finally, I am broadly interested in the application of advanced multivariate data analytic methods to examine risk and protective processes associated with developmental processes in behavioral outcomes.

Specialized Terms: Adolescent Risk Behavior; Alcohol and Drug Abuse; Child Abuse and Neglect; Child Development; Child Welfare; Clinical Psychology; Community Studies; Consulting Services; Quantitative Methods

Selected Publications

  • Connell, C.M. Survival analysis in prevention and intervention programs. In L.A. Jason & D.S. Glenwick (Eds.), Innovative methodological approaches to community-based research: Theory and application. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association, 2012.
  • Connell, C.M., Gilreath, T.D., Aklin, W.M., & Brex, R.A. Social-ecological influences on patterns of substance use among non-metropolitan high school students. American Journal of Community Psychology, 45, 36-48, 2010.
  • Connell, C.M., Gilreath, T.D., & Hansen, N. Co-occurrence of substance use and sexual behaviors in adolescence. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 70, 943-951, 2009.
  • Connell, C.M., Vanderploeg, J.J, Caron, C., Saunders, L., Katz, K.H., & Tebes, J.K. Maltreatment following reunification: Predictors of subsequent CPS contact after children return home. Child Abuse and Neglect, 33, 218-228, 2009.
  • Connell, C.M., Bergeron, N., Katz, K.H., Saunders, L., & Tebes, J.K. Re-referral to Child Protective Services: The influence of child, family, and case characteristics on risk status. Child Abuse & Neglect, 31, 573-588, 2007.
  • Vanderploeg, J.J., Connell, C.M., Caron, C., Saunders, L., Katz, K.H., & Tebes, J.K. The impact of parental alcohol or drug removals on foster care placement experiences: A matched comparison group study. Child Maltreatment, 12, 125-136, 2007.
  • Connell, C.M., Vanderploeg, J.J., Flaspohler, P., Katz, K.H., Saunders, L., & Tebes, J.K. Changes in placement among children in foster care: A longitudinal study of child, family, and case influences. Social Service Review, 80, 398-418, 2006.
  • Connell, C.M., Katz, K.H., Saunders, L., & Tebes, J.K. Leaving foster care: The influence of child and case characteristics on foster care exit rates. Children & Youth Services Review, 28, 780-798, 2006.

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