Charles Alexander Morgan III MD

Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry

Research Interests

Neurobiology of PTSD; Forensic Psychiatry; human cognition and memory under conditions of high stress; Basic and Advanced Interviewing; the Impact of Selection and Assessment on Stress Hardiness and Resilience; Special Applications Psychology.

Selected Publications

  • Southwick SM & Morgan III CA: I Believe What I Remember, But it May not Be True. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory. In press.
  • Morgan III, CA, Rabinowitz, YG, Hilts D, Weller CE, Coric V.: Efficacy of Modified Cognitive Interviewing, Compared to Human Judgments in Detecting Deception Related to Biothreat Activities. Journal of Strategic Security. 6, no. 3 (2013): 100-119.
  • Morgan III CA, Southwick, SM, Steffian G, Hazlett GA, Loftus EF: Misinformation can influence memory for recently experienced, highly stressful events. International Journal of Law & Psychiatry, Jan-Feb; 36(1) 11-7; 2013.

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