Yiara Sofia Blanco PsyD, ADS

Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry

Biographical Info

Dr. Yiara S. Blanco is a Clinical Psychologist and an Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist. Her current areas of interest include integration of mental health/substance abuse services and medical primary care services for the Latino/a Community in the Continental U.S. In the past she worked closely with the clinical expression of neuropsychological changes in Latinos/as after TBI's. She has ongoing collaborations in Puerto Rico, does consultations for professionals in the Caribbean (Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic) and has collaborated with the Psychology Board of Trinidad & Tobago as invited by one of their previous presidents. She has offered conferences throughout the country and the Caribbean in her areas of expertise. In addition to her Yale affiliation, you can find her working diligently and trying to decrease health disparities with the monolingual-Spanish speaking population at the Adult Psychiatric Clinic from the Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center (CS-HHC). CS-HHC is a community oriented agency located in one of the major underserved sections in the Greater New Haven Area.

Education & Training

Ponce School of Medicine (2006)
Post Doctoral Associate
Yale School of Medicine, Psychiatry (2007 - 2009)

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