Diane E. Sholomskas PhD

Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry

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Diane E. Sholomskas, Ph.D., a licensed Psychologist specializing in evidenced based cognitive-behavioral treatments for Anxiety Disorders, Mood disorders, and Phobias. At Yale University, School of Medicine, she served as Assistant Clinical Professor at Yale University, Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine were she conducted clinical research, designed, implemented, managed multicenter collaborative treatment outcome studies, implemented a psychiatric genetic epidemiological surveys and directed and managed outpatient treatment research clinics for mood and anxiety disorders. She developed the Interpersonal Therapy Training Film for the multicenter IPT treatment outcome study in the 1980’s. She served as co-principal investigator for the Multicenter Collaborative Treatment Study of Panic Disorder. She is certified in Panic Control Treatment (PCT) for Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia. More recently, as Director and Principal Investigator of Research at Applied Behavioral Research, she has overseen the development of training programs. She has implemented randomized trials demonstrating the relative effectiveness of workshop, CD-ROM and Web based training methods for evidenced based treatments for substance abuse. She has published and presented on these topics. She provides consultation and training to professionals as well as maintains a private practice.

Education & Training

Adelphi University (1986)

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