NRTP Faculty

NRTP residents can work with any faculty members at Yale University who conduct research relevant to any aspect of psychiatry. Below is a list of some of the core NRTP faculty doing research within the Psychiatry Department.

Addy, Nii Antie

Research Interests:Neurobiology of addiction; In vivo electrochemistry; Behavioral pharmacology; Systems neuroscience; Neurotransmission; Signal transduction

Aghajanian, George Kevork

Research Interests:Neurotransmission; antipsychotics; antidepressants; hallucinogens; opiates

Alreja, Meenakshi

Research Interests:Prefrontal cortex; Interneurons; Nicotine; Acetylcholine; Electrophysiology; GABA; glutamate; Hypocretin; MCH; Learning and Memory; Neurotransmitters; Signal Transduction; GnRH; Puberty; Fertility; HPG axis; Kisspeptin

Behar, Kevin L.

Research Interests:NMR; 1H NMR; 13C NMR; In vivo brain metabolism; Glutamate; Gamma-aminobutyrate; Glutamine; Neuron-glial trafficking

Bloch, Michael Howard

Research Interests:Tourette syndrome; Obsessive-compulsive disorder; Trichotillomania

Clinical Interests:Tourette's Syndrome; obsessive compulsive disorders, trichotillomania

Blumberg, Hilary

Research Interests:Adolescence; Bipolar Disorder; Brain; Depression; Development; Diffusion Tensor Imaging; Emotion; Endophenotype; Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging; Magnetic Resonance Imaging; Mania; Manic Depressive Disorder; Neuropsychiatry; Neuroscience; Women

Clinical Interests:Bipolar disorder, depression, adults, adolescents

Carroll, Kathleen M.

Research Interests:Addiction and treatment; Evidence-based treatments; Treatment development; Computer-assisted therapies; Research-practice partnerships; Clinician training; Psychotherapy-pharmacotherapy combinations; Neurocognitive effects of behavioral therapies

Carson, Richard E

Research Interests:Positron emission tomography (PET) modeling and physics; Tracer kinetic modeling methods and parametric imaging techniques for PET tracers; Application of receptors ligands to assess neurotransmitter dynamic; 3D and 4D PET image reconstruction; Medical imaging

Corlett, Philip R

Research Interests:Schizophrenia; Delusions; Prediction error; Associative learning; fMRI

DiLeone, Ralph Joseph

Research Interests:Addictions; Animal Behavior; Ethology; Animal Nutrition; Diseases and Disorders; Drug Abuse; Eating Disorders; Etiology; Evolution; Genetic Manipulation; Natural History; Obesity; Psychiatry

D'Souza, Deepak Cyril

Research Interests:Schizophrenia; Psychosis; Cognition; Psychopharmacology; Treatment; Glutamate; Cannabinoids; Substance Abuse

Clinical Interests:Schizophrenia Psychotic Disorders Treatment Substance and Alcohol Abuse Dual Diagnosis Cannabinoids

Duman, Ronald Stanton

Research Interests:Depression; Antidepressants; Stress; Molecular biology; Neuropharmacology Signal transduction pathways; Gene expression; Identifying the molecular and cellular adaptations that underlie the actions of psychotropic drugs and stress

Fineberg, Sarah K

Clinical Interests:Clinical Neuroscience Social cognition Narrative psychiatry Psychotherapy Schizophrenia

Gelernter, Joel

Research Interests:Complex trait genetics; Psychiatric genetics; Population genetics; Substance dependence; Gene mapping

Gueorguieva, Ralitza

Research Interests:Longitudinal Data, Mixed Effects Models, Joint Modelling

Hannestad, Jonas O'Gara

Research Interests:Neuroimmunology; Brain-immune interactions; Cytokines; Endotoxin; PET imaging; Mood disorders

Hoffman, Ralph Edward

Research Interests:Schizophrenia; Psychosis; Hallucinations; Delusions, Paranoia, Language; Pathophysiology; Neural network computer modeling; Transcranial magnetic stimulation; fMRI

Clinical Interests:Schizophrenia; bipolar disorder; hallucinations; delusions; paranoia

Krishnan-Sarin, Suchitra

Research Interests:Substance use; Alcohol; Tobacco; Marijuana; Adolescent; Developmental; Prevention; Cessation; Biobehavioral

Krystal, John H.

Research Interests:Neurobiology; Pharmacotherapy; Genetics; Neuroimaging; Schizophrenia; Alcoholism; PTSD

Leckman, James Frederick

Research Interests:Child and adolescent psychiatry; Tourette's syndrome; Obsessive/compulsive disorder (OCD)

Clinical Interests:Child and adolescent psychiatry; Tourette's syndrome; Obsessive/compulsive disorder (OCD)

Malison, Robert

Research Interests:Neurobiology and genetics of substance dependence disorders; Psychostimulant (cocaine and methamphetamine) dependence; Drug abuse; Sleep and cognition; Impulsivity and stimulants

Mason, Graeme F

Research Interests:Alcoholic intoxication; Alcoholism; Alcohol metabolism; Amino acids; Carbohydrates; CNS diseases; Fatty acids; Molecular mechanisms of pharmacological Action; Mood disorders

Mazure, Carolyn M.

Research Interests:Depression; Addictive behaviors; Women's health research; Gender specific aspects of health and disease and the interplay of stress

Clinical Interests:Adult disorders; depression; smoking cessation

Morgan, Peter Thomas

Research Interests:Sleep; Cocaine; Learning; Dreaming; Lucid dreams; Consciousness

Clinical Interests:General Psychiatric Consultations; Substance Abuse Treatment; Forensic Evaluations

Morris, Evan Daniel

Research Interests:Kinetic modeling; Parameter estimation; Parametric imaging; Dopamine; Reward; Drug occupancy; Drug abuse; Alcoholism; Parkinson's disease

Nairn, Angus Clark

Research Interests:Dopaminergic signal transduction; Structure and function of protein kinases and phosphatases

O'Malley, Stephanie Samples

Research Interests:Medications development for alcoholism and smoking; Risk reduction and young adult drinking; tobacco regulatory science; treatment methodology; patient treatment matching; biomarkers of treatment response

Pelphrey, Kevin

Research Interests:Brain mechanisms; Child development; Neurodevelopmental disorders

Petrakis, Ismene Leonida

Research Interests:Alcohol; Alcoholism; Dual diagnosis; Psychiatric comorbidity; Addiction; Neurobiology; Psychopharmacology; Familial vulnerability

Clinical Interests:Alcohol; Alcoholism

Picciotto, Marina

Research Interests:Neuroscience; Molecular basis of behavior; Intracellular signaling; Mouse genetic models

Pittenger, Christopher

Research Interests:Learning and memory; Habit; CREB; Adeno-associated virus; Behavioral neurobiology; Magnetic resonance spectroscopy; Glutamate; Obsessive-compulsive disorder; Tourette syndrome

Clinical Interests:Obsessive-compulsive disorder; Tourette syndrome; anxiety disorders; trichotillomania; Body dysmorphic disorder

Potenza, Marc N

Research Interests:Pathological gambling; Impulse control disorders; Substance abuse; Addiction; Gender differences

Clinical Interests:pathological gambling; impulse control disorders; substance abuse; addiction; gender differences

Rothman, Douglas L

Research Interests:MR spectroscopy development; MR imaging methods to image metabolic and neurotransmitter pathways in humans and in animal models

Sanacora, Gerard

Research Interests:Mood Disorders; Anxiety Disorders; Stress; Pathophysiology; Neuropharmacology; Neuroimaging; Drug Development; Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Clinical Interests:Treatment resistant depression, novel treatment strategies

Sinha, Rajita

Research Interests:Stress; Relaxation; Chronic Disease; Addiction; Addictive behaviors; Clinical Prevention

Clinical Interests:Stress interventions; treatment of substance use disorders; behavioral interventions for excessive smoking, alcohol consumption, illicit drug use and overeating of comfort foods.

Small, Dana

Research Interests:Neurophysiology of feeding; Chemical senses; Neuroimaging; Dopamine; Addiction; Motivation; Psychophysics; Stress; Obesity

Southwick, Steven M

Research Interests:Posttraumatic stress disorder; Resilience; Neurobiology; Epidemiology

Clinical Interests:Post Traumatic Stress disorder, Resilience to stress

State, Matthew W.

Research Interests:Genetic mechanisms; neuropsychiatric disorders of childhood

Clinical Interests:Child and adolescent psychiatry; genetic syndromes; Tourette's syndrome; Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder (OCD); developmental delay; mental retardation

Taylor, Jane Rebecca

Research Interests:Addiction; Depression; Learning; Memory; Animal Models; Plasticity; Signaling

Tek, Cenk

Research Interests:Schizophrenia; Psycho-pharmacology; Cognitive neuroscience; Translational neuroscience; Working memory; Cognitive impairment in schizophrenia; Medical comorbidities in schizophrenia; Obesity and mental illness; Human reward mechanisms and appetite regulation

Clinical Interests:Schizophrenia; Psychotic Disorders

Woods, Scott W

Research Interests:Risk syndrome for psychosis; Psychosis prodrome; Attenuated psychosis disorder

Yonkers, Kimberly Ann

Research Interests:Women's health; Psychiatric Disorders in Women; Gender Differences in Mental Health; Substance Use Disorders in Women; Perinatal Mental Health; Premenstrual Disorders

Clinical Interests:Mood disorders in women; Premenstrual dysphoric disorder; Managing psychiatric and addictive disorders in pregnancy