Howard V. Zonana MD

Professor of Psychiatry and Clinical Professor Adjunct of Law in Law

Departments & Organizations

Program for Biomedical Ethics

Office of Student ResearchYale Center for Asylum Medicine | Psychiatry: Connecticut Mental Health Center; Law and Psychiatry, Division of

Research Interests

Civil Commitment; Duties to third parties; Criminal responsibility; Competency to Stand Trial and to represent oneself; Sex offenders; Ethics more...


  • M.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1962

Selected Publications

  • Zonana, H., “Confidentiality and Record Keeping,” in The Psychiatric Report- Principles and Practice of Forensic Writing ed. By Buchanan, A., Norko, M., Cambridge Univ. Press 2011 pp 35-55.
  • Zonana, H, M.D., Buchanan, A., M.D., “Ethical Issues in the Treatment of Sex Offenders.” Sex Offenders – Identification, Risk Assessment, Treatment, and Legal Issues (Eds. Saleh, F.M., M.D., Grudzinaskas, Jr., A.J., J.D., Bradford, J.M, M.D., Brodsky, D. J., LLB.) Oxford University Press 2009; Chapter 29, pp 425 - 440.
  • Zonana, H.: Physicians Must Honor Refusal of Treatment to Restore Competency by Non-Dangerous Inmates on Death Row, J. Law, Medicine & Ethics, 2010, v. 38, #4, pp764-773.



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