Law and Psychiatry Fellowship Program

Supervision During Your Fellowship

Supervision is provided in several ways:

  • All accepted cases are screened by Dr. Zonana and/or senior faculty
  • Two seminars are scheduled weekly, when all cases currently being evaluated are reviewed and discussed by Division faculty and trainees
  • Each trainee receives two hours of individual supervision of evaluation cases per week
  • Following the group discussion, a report is drafted with the final report also reviewed by Dr. Zonana and/or other appropriate faculty

During the early stages of the program, the faculty may accompany the trainees to observe evaluations and court hearings, and subsequently review the testimony. As the trainees become more experienced, they work more independently, although the faculty continues to monitor and review all work and reports.

In the last half of the training year, forensic trainees who have demonstrated mastery in the evaluation and formulations of cases are provided the opportunity to supervise some work of beginning trainees (who participate in competency to stand trial or other cases) and to make contributions to the training seminars. In the latter context, they will be asked to review and present discussions of didactic material to the group.