PGY2 Residents

Welcome to Yale!

We are delighted that you will be joining the Residency Program this summer. We are busy preparing for your arrival and want to do everything we can to make the transition to New Haven and the residency as smooth as possible. To that end, please review this web page and be sure to click on each of the four tabs below for important information about your orientation. We will send updates as new information is posted.

Of course, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jamie Divine-Cadavid (; 203-785-2094), Ann Cohen DePalma (; 203-785-2095), or one of the other administrators in the Office of Education.

Contacts and APD Assignments

Office of Education Contact Information

Yale Psychiatry Department, 300 George Street, 9th floor, New Haven, CT 06511
Telephone: 203-785-2095
Fax: 203-785-4207

Office of Education Administrators

Psychiatry Department Chief Residents

Isaiah Chase (
Ayana Jordan (

Associate Program Director Assignments

In addition to the Program Director, we have three Associate Program Directors (APDs)—Drs. Esperanza Diaz, David Ross and Vinod Srihari—who help run the residency program. One of their roles is to work individually with residents to provide support and guidance during their residency training. They meet with each resident in their group twice during the year to review performance evaluations and discuss the resident’s progress. In addition, they are available to meet on an as needed basis to discuss whatever issues or concerns the resident may have.

The list of APD assignments for the new PGY2 residents appears below. Although it is possible to make changes, the assumption is that you will work with your assigned APD throughout your time in the program. They look forward to connecting with you this summer! Resident email addresses are also listed in case you would like to get in touch with the other incoming PGY2 residents.

ResidentPrevious Residency TrainingAssociate Program Director
Paola AyoraYale School of MedicineVinod Srihari, MD

Forms and Information to Submit

New Resident Information Sheet

We collect this information in order to create your Yale University profile, set-up your '' email, and establish your HR/payroll record. Once you have completed it, please email it to Ann at or fax it to 203-785-4207.

Yale University Background Checks

The University will be conducting a background check on each of you before you begin your training. In order for us to start that process, we need a current email address. If you would like us to use an email address that is different from the one on your residency application, please send it to Ann at

Once the background check process is initiated, you will be contacted directly by the company, HireRight, Inc.

Provide Your NPI Number

All residents must have a National Provider Identifier (NPI) number in order to prescribe medications to patients who will fill their prescriptions at a pharmacy. If you do not already have one, please follow these directions (and tips) to apply for one online. The entire process will take about 20 minutes.

  • Go to
  • Click “National Provider Identifier” (to apply)
  • When asked to choose the type of provider that applies to your organization, choose “type 1” (individual provider)
  • When answering the question “Is the provider a sole proprietor?” choose “yes”.
  • Use the following address for the “Domestic Billing Address” and the “Business Practice Location” - 20 York Street T-209, Yale-New Haven Hospital, New Haven, CT 06510-3220, (phone) 203.688.2259, (fax) 203.688.5599
  • When asked to add “all other Provider Identifiers”, please click “next”.
  • When asked to enter the “Provider Taxonomy Code” enter “Student in an Organized Health Care Education/Training Program – 390200000X*). (Note: This code is for residents who do not yet have a Connecticut license. If you have a Connecticut license, please go to and choose the appropriate taxonomy code for your specialty.)

When you have your NPI number, please email it to Ann at

BLS/ACLS Training

Please email Ann at to let her know (1) whether you have a current BLS certificate; (2) whether you have a current ACLS certificate; and (3) the expiration dates for each one. Please provide copies of all valid certificates. If you do not have current certificates, you can take this training during orientation.

Resident Biographies

Please prepare a short (250 words or less) biographical sketch that we will circulate to current faculty and residents so they know a little bit about you before your arrival. If you would like to see the current residents' bios, please email Pat Genero at

Please submit your bio to Pat Genero at no later than May 1st.

Forms To Be Completed After You Arrive

You will receive hard copies of these forms during orientation and will be asked to fill them out during one of your orientation sessions. In case you need additional copies, the forms are available below. 

I-9 Form Processing

Within three days of the start of your orientation (July 1st, 2014), you must go to one of the Yale University I-9 Centers to process your I-9 paperwork. (Residents on visas do not need to go to an I-9 Center, but will need to check-in with the Office of International Students & Scholars to process an I-9 form.)

Bring your completed I-9 form along with the acceptable documents when you visit the I-9 Center. You may complete the I-9 electronically and print it, or print it and complete it by hand.

Below is a link to the I-9 form and the website where you can get information about the I-9 process. A list of the acceptable documents that will be required when you go to the I-9 Center can be found on page 9 of the form.

Orientation and Rotation Schedules

Overview of Orientation Schedule

Tentative Schedule (more details to follow)
Orientation Start Date: 7/1/2014

Rotation Schedules

  • PGY2 Rotation Schedule (coming soon)
  • PGY2 CL/ER Rotations (coming soon)
  • PGY2 SA/Geriatrics Rotations (coming soon)

Where to Report on the First Day of Training in Psychiatry and Neurology

PGY1 and PGY2 Psychiatry and Neurology Rotation Information (coming soon)

Observed University, State and Federal Holidays

Other Important Information

Vacation Policy and Making Vacation Requests

Vacation Policy

All residents receive a total of four weeks (20 working days) of vacation each year. These 20 days include attendance at professional conferences. The chart below indicates when vacation days can be taken in the PGY2 year. Vacation schedules for all residents must be approved in advance by the unit where the resident is assigned. As a general policy, no vacations should be scheduled during the first or last two weeks of any rotation. Exceptions to this must be negotiated in advance with the unit.

PGY2 Vacation Schedule

Residents may one or two weeks of vacation
Residents may take one week of vacation
Residents may not take any vacation
Residents may not take any vacation

Vacation Requests

Requests for vacations should be directed to the appropriate attending. (Please contact Jamie Divine-Cadavid at for the attending's contact information.) If you have a very important event, such as a wedding, for which you would like to have time off, it is recommended that you contact these individuals as soon as you know your rotation schedule. You should also notify the psychiatry Chief Residents (see Contacts Tab) so they can take your request into consideration when putting together the call schedule. For less pressing vacation requests, it is fine to ask the attending for approval at the outset of, or just prior to, the rotation.

Housing in the New Haven Area

Those looking for housing may be interested in this link to the Yale Off Campus Housing website. Even without a Yale Net ID, you can still log on by creating a profile, which is quick and easy to do. When asked what your position will be at Yale, just answer “other.”

Health Benefits

During orientation, you will be informed of the options for health benefits and directed on how to sign up for them online. If you have general questions about health care options that you would like to have answered before you arrive, please contact the Employee Service Center at 203.432.5552 or

Hint: when asked what your job title is, answer “Post Doctoral Fellow.” This is your title for purposes of health benefits. If you still have questions or problems, you can always contact Jamie Divine-Cadavid or Ann Cohen DePalma.

Explanation of "Hospital Resident"

As you go through the orientation process, you will no doubt hear someone say: “Oh, you’re a Psychiatry Resident, not a Hospital-paid Resident.” Because this statement can cause confusion among our new residents, we offer this brief explanation.

All of the residents at Yale, except those in the Psychiatry Department, are paid by Yale-New Haven Hospital; the Psychiatry residents are paid by Yale University. The primary reason is that the Psychiatry Department uses federal training grants to support resident research and experiences during residency. These grants can’t be transferred to the hospital so the Psychiatry residency is organized through the University.

The important thing for you to know is that all residents—whether paid by the University or YNHH—are offered comparable salary and benefits packages and, for all practical purposes, are treated the same. The University works closely with YNHH to ensure that this is the case. In addition, the Office of Education works closely with the House Staff Office at YNHH to make sure that smaller administrative matters are handled for our residents in a manner consistent with how they are handled for YNHH-paid residents. If you have any questions or run into any issues related to your status as a University-paid resident during orientation, please contact Jamie Divine-Cadavid or Ann Cohen DePalma.

Invitation to Resident and Fellow Graduation

If you're in town, we hope you can join us at the department's annual Resident and Fellow Graduation ceremony. The event will be held on Friday, June 6th from 5:00-7:30 pm in the Davenport College Dining Hall (248 York Street).