Healthy People (with or without a family history of alcoholism)

CTNA also has studies that examine the biological and genetic basis of alcoholism. We need people who are not heavy drinkers but have a family member who drinks heavily to participate in projects. Some of the programs focus on differences between families with and without heavy drinkers.

Light Drinkers, healthy people, with or without a family history of alcoholism

Contact: 203-932-5711 ext. 5688 or

Study 3 test days taking one dose of medication each day. Eligibility: ages 21-30, healthy, with or without a family history of alcoholism. No psychiatric disorder, Mother not heavy drinker. Participants will be paid $150 for each test day they complete. HIC#12449; HSS IPO17, IPO22

Cigarette smokers

Contact: 203-932-5711 ext 5688

Study MRS scans of the brain. Eligibility: ages 25 - 60, not currently taking medication for a psychiatric problem; never had a problem with drugs or alcohol. Participants will be paid. Earnings can range from $250 to $550 or more, depending on the number of studies enrolled in. HIC#0310025975, 0301023674; HSS# JK0062, IP0034