Improving Medication Adherence

It is difficult to consistently adhere to prescribed medication regimens and clients consistently underestimate how many doses of prescribed doses were missed.

Cue-Dose Training (Methods)

Cue-dose training involves reviewing information from electronic pill-caps that record a client’s pattern of medication-taking over the preceding weeks. At therapy sessions, clients review the habits, thoughts, and feelings associated with medications that were taken or missed.

A brief description of the motivational components of cue-dose training is available. Clients’ motivation to improve their medication-taking is linked to the need to develop strategies to take medication.

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”
- Jim Ryun, Olympian

Cue-Dose Training (Methods)


Several clinical trials have been conducted comparing cue-dose training to other interventions. Most have suggested the efficacy of cue-dose training, especially when coupled with contingent reinforcement of doses taken.

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