Advisor-Teller Money Manager

Clients who have substance use and/or psychiatric problems often have difficulty managing their funds. ATM therapy was developed to help people stop using drugs and/or alcohol, manage their money better, and improve their quality of life.

ATM Materials available

  • To start delivering ATM, download the ATM Therapist Manual.
  • To start a program to store client funds, download Managing Program Accounts.
  • To train therapists to conduct ATM, download the ATM Training Materials. The manual contains interactive exercises to make learning ATM interesting. It also contains nuts-and-bolts information about how to deliver ATM.
  • To get an overview of ATM for clients or therapists, view the ATM film. In this fifteen-minute film, Drs. Rosen and Rosenheck speak about how ATM was developed, therapists describe how to conduct ATM, and Delores describes her experience in ATM.