Financial Approaches to Behavior Change

We are a research group in Yale's Department of Psychiatry.

Our group develops, tests and disseminates behavioral treatments to improve the quality of life of people with chronic illnesses. The behavioral treatments involve helping people align their money management with their values.

For example, ATM (Advisor Teller Money Manager) helps people addicted to drugs or alcohol spend money on abstinence-promoting activities by:

  • Storing money so it's not available for impulsive substance use
  • Budgeting money so it's designated for the client's abstinence-related goals
  • Contracting to spend the client's money if he/she meets weekly goals

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This site has manuals describing how to conduct these therapies, training materials describing how to learn these therapies, and articles describing the therapies.

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Delores talks candidly about her experience in ATM.