Robert M Rohrbaugh, MD

Professor of Psychiatry; Deputy Chair for Education and Career Development, Department of Psychiatry; Residency Program Director, Department of Psychiatry; Director, Office of International Medical Student Education, Yale School of Medicine

Research Interests

Internship and Residency; Medicine; Mental Health Services; Global Health; Ethical Analysis; Psychiatry and Psychology; Health Care

Research Organizations

Psychiatry: Aging & Geriatric Psychiatry, Division of

Faculty Research

Global Health Initiative

Office of Cooperative Research

Research Summary

Dr. Rohrbaugh has developed clinical programs and educational programs at the interface of geropsychiatry and medicine. His research has been focused on evaluating the effect these interventions have had on patient care and on trainee education and skill development. For example, Dr. Rohrbaugh developed a psychiatry primary care clinic at VA-Connecticut to provide primary care medical services to patients with serious mental illness. He also participated on the team that evaluated this intervention and found it improved access, quality of care, and cost essentially the same as standard care. Dr. Rohrbaugh included a module on psychiatry resident education on the principles of primary care in the development of the clinic. This module was part of a national review of such interventions recently published by Dr. Rohrbaugh in 2009.

Dr. Rohrbaugh has also been interested in teaching beginning clinicians to identify data in a patient's narrative and to develop a bio-psycho-social formulation. Several publications and one book describe both teaching methods and methods to evaluate the effectiveness of these interventions.

Most recently, Dr. Rohrbaugh's education interventions have been in the area of global health education for medical students and global mental health education for residents. Dr. Rohrbaugh and colleagues have described the development of the certificate in Global Medicine program and the national context in which is was developed as well as the effects that the Yale Global Mental Health program have had on the department as a whole.

Specialized Terms: Undergraduate Medical Education; Post-graduate (Residency) Education; Global Health Education

Selected Publications

  • Druss B, Rohrbaugh RM, Levinson CM, Rosenheck R: Integrated Medical Care for Patients with Serious Psychiatric Illness. Archives of General Psychiatry 2001; 58: 861-868
  • Rohrbaugh, RM, Felker B and Kosten TR: The Veterans Administration Psychiatry Primary Care Education Initiative: Defining a Model and Determining Outcomes for Psychiatry Resident Education in Primary Care. Academic Psychiatry 2009; 33: 31-35
  • Campbell W and Rohrbaugh RM, “The Biopsychosocial Formulation Manual: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals.” Routledge, New York. 2006
  • Ross DA, van Schalkwyk G and Rohrbaugh RM: An Operationalized Approach to Biopsychosocial Formulation. Medical Education 2014; 48: 529
  • Annamalai A, Rohrbaugh RM, Sernyak M: General Medical Training in Psychiatry Residencies. Academic Psychiatry 2015; 39(4): 437-441
  • van Schalkwyk, GL, Katz RC, van Schalkwyk SC, Resignato J, Rohrbaugh RM: Effective Research Mentoring for Residents: meeting the needs of early career physicians. Academic Psychiatry (2016); DOI: 10.1007/s40596-016-0625-9
  • Worthington R and Rohrbaugh, RM, “Health Policy and Ethics: A critical examination of values in global settings” Radcliffe, London. 2012
  • Peluso M, Forrestal A, Hafler J and Rohrbaugh RM: Structure of global health programs in US medical schools: a web based review of certificates, tracks and concentrations. Academic Medicine 2013; 88: 124-130
  • Marienfeld C and Rohrbaugh RM: Impact of a Global Mental Health Program on a Residency Training Program. Academic Psychiatry 2013; 37: 276-280
  • Rohrbaugh RM, Kellett A, Peluso Michael: Bidirectional exchanges of medical students between institutional partners in global health clinical education programs: putting ethical principles into practice. Annals of Global Health (2016); DOI:

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