Laboratory Rotations

Each student will complete laboratory rotations in three different laboratories during the first year. Eventually a fourth rotation would be possible during the summer at the end of the first year. The rotations should be chosen to include and surround the subject area in which each student expects to do his/her dissertation research. Rotation laboratories may be anywhere in the BBS. At least one rotation should be in the laboratory of a member of the Track. Students are expected to choose their rotation laboratories in consultation with their advisor under the general oversight of the Director of Graduate Studies.

The purpose of the laboratory rotation is to provide an informed choice of advisor and dissertation research and also to create natural alternatives in case the initial choice proves unworkable. In addition, the rotations can broaden the student's background of practical experience and research insights.

Rotations run in 12-week intervals. One day will be set aside at the end of each rotation for the first-year students to describe their progress and discuss it with each other, with other students, and with interested faculty.