About Us

Faculty in our department conduct research in areas ranging from the molecular mechanisms of protein actions - involved in cell signaling, cell polarity, and ion transport - to the mechanisms by which information is transmitted and integrated between cells and organs, during processes such as learning and development. These projects utilize diverse experimental approaches, including the gene cloning, expression and mutagenesis, confocal and electron microscopy, patch-clamping, and single-cell optical recordings with voltage and pH sensitive dyes. The department is highly interactive, and has many collaborations between research groups, which are enhanced by the sharing of centralized facilities for tissue culture, biochemistry and molecular biology, and microscopy.

Departmental activities and functions which foster the exchange of scientific ideas include the annual Physiology Department Picnic (a true gourmet experience!); weekly seminar series in which distinguished speakers from outside Yale are invited to discuss their research; and departmental teatime three times per week for socializing over cookies, coffee and tea. There is also an annual departmental retreat at which members of the department present their work in talks and posters. Discussion is always lively and spirited at these events, where the friendly and relaxed atmosphere of the department encourages the open exchange of ideas and opinions. In addition to these departmental events, a wealth of seminars and symposia sponsored by other departments at Yale are also available.