The Newborn Special Care Unit serves as the Regional Neonatal Center for Southern Connecticut. Every year, about five thousand infants are born at Yale-New Haven Hospital and over 800 newborns are admitted to the Newborn Special Care Unit.

Infants are also transported from other hospitals throughout our region for specialized services such as surgery, cardiology, inhaled nitric oxide and ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation). The average daily census is 46, making this the largest clinical unit in the Children's Hospital. We care for newborn babies with a variety of problems including:

  • Respiratory disorders
  • Genetic and metabolic diseases
  • Congenital malformations including lung malformations requiring ECMO
  • Asphyxia
  • Retinopathy of prematurity
  • Problems of nutrition and growth
  • Necrotizing enterocolitis
  • Neonatal infections
  • Anemia, jaundice and other blood disorders
  • Neurologic problems

Developmental follow-up evaluation, in collaboration with the Yale Child Study Center, is available to all infants from the Newborn Special Care Unit who weighed 1250 g or less at birth. Other infants are referred on an elective basis.

NICU GRAD (Great Results After Discharge) PROGRAM

The Yale NICU GRAD Program is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary medical and neurodevelopmental follow-up program designed specifically for infants at risk for medical or developmental difficulties.

Criteria for referral to the program include infants with the following diagnoses and/or conditions: 

Our Program Focuses On:

  • Delivering quality medical care to high risk infants.
  • Improving access to specialized developmental and nutritional services.
  • Promoting coordination of services among multidisciplinary providers of care.
  • Advocating family centered care.

Program Services Include:

  • Post-discharge medical follow-up to help infants reach their full potential.
  • Neurodevelopmental evaluation at regularly scheduled intervals.
  • Testing (blood work, x-ray, etc.) as indicated.
  • Coordination of subspecialist care.
  • Nutritional evaluation and treatment.
  • Occupational and Physical Therapy evaluation and treatment.
  • Social work assessment and assistance.
  • Referrals for intervention and community services.

The NICU GRAD team consists of a neonatologist, a pediatric nurse practitioner, neonatology fellows, a child psychologist, an occupational/physical therapist, a nutritionist, a family resource coordinator, and a nurse coordinator. A speech therapist and social worker are also available for consultation.

Our Team:
Neonatologist: Richard Ehrenkranz, MD
Nurse Practitioner: Elaine Romano APRN
Nurse Coordinator: Lisa Giard RN
Child Psychologist: Susan Dieterich PhD
Occupational Therapist: Caitlin Macaulay OTR
Physical Therapist: Chris Rao, PT, PSC
Nutritionist: Rachel Drake, MS, RD, CSO, CSP, CNSC, CDN
Family Resource Coordinator: Karen Zrenda

Location: Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital Pediatric Specialty Center
1 Long Wharf Drive; 2nd Floor, New Haven, CT
To Schedule An Appointment: Call 203-785-4081.
Questions: Please contact Lisa Giard at lisa.giard@ynhh.orgor 203-785-3569.