William V Tamborlane MD

Professor of Pediatrics (Endocrinology); Deputy Director, Yale Center for Clinical Investigation; Chief, Pediatric Endocrinology

Departments & Organizations

Yale Medical Group

Clinical Investigation, Yale Center for (YCCI): Office of Research Services

Fellowship Training

Diabetes Research Center

Pediatrics: Children's Diabetes Program

Research Interests

Advances in the treatment of type 1 and 2 diabetes; Counterregulatory Hormone Responses to Hypoglycemia; Psychosocial Consequences of Diabetes; Behavioral Interventions in Diabetes; insulin pumps; continuous glucose monitoring; artificial pancreas development more...


  • M.D., Georgetown University, 1972

Selected Publications

  • JDRF CGM Study Group. Impact of continuous glucose monitoring in optimizing intensive treatment of type 1 diabetes in adults and children. Writing Committee: Lead authors: Tamborlane WV, Beck RW. Additional authors: Bode BW, Buckingham B, Chase HP, Clemons R, Fiallo-Scharer R, Fox LA, Gilliam LK, Hirsch I, Huang ES, Kollman C, Kowalski A, Laffel L, Lawrence J, Lee J, Mauras N, O’Grady M, Ruedy KJ, Tansey M, Tsalikian E, Weinzimer SA, Wilson DM, Wolpert H, Wysocki T, Xing D. N Engl J Med 2008; 359:1464-1476.
  • JDRF CGM Study Group. The Effect of Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Well-controlled Type 1 Diabetes. Lead authors (alphabetical): RW. Beck, I B. Hirsch, L Laffel, WV. Tamborlane, Additional authors (alphabetical): BW. Bode, B Buckingham, HP Chase, R Clemons, R Fiallo-Scharer, LA. Fox, LK. Gilliam, ES. Huang, C Kollman, AJ. Kowalski, JM Lawrence, J Lee, N Mauras, M O’Grady, KJ. Ruedy, M Tansey, E Tsalikian, SA Weinzimer, DM. Wilson, H Wolpert, T Wysocki, D Xing. Diabetes Care 2009; 32:1378-1383.
  • Tamborlane WV, Beck RW. Continuous glucose monitoring in type 1 diabetes mellitus. The Lancet 2009; 373:1744-1746.



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