Clifford W Bogue MD

Professor of Pediatrics (Critical Care); Interim Chair, Pediatrics; Interim Chief, Gastroenterology and Hepatology; Chief Medical Officer, Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital

Departments & Organizations

Yale Medical Group

Pediatrics: Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Research Interests

Role of homeobox transcription factors in early liver and cardiovascular development; Stem cells in organ repair and regeneration more...


  • B.A., University of Virginia, 1981
  • M.D., University of Virginia, 1985

Selected Publications

  • Faustino EVS, Hirshberg EL and Bogue, CW. (2012) Hypoglycemia in critically-ill children. J Diabetes Sci Technol, 6:48-57.
  • Faustino, EV and Bogue, CW. (2010) Relationship between hypoglycemia and mortality in critically ill children. Pediatr Crit Care Med, 11(6):690-8.
  • Paz H, Lynch MR, Bogue CW, and Gasson JC. (2010) The homeobox gene Hhex regulates the earliest stages of definitive erythropoiesis. Blood, 116(8):1254-62.



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