Sally E Shaywitz MD

Audrey G. Ratner Professor of Pediatrics (Neurology) and Professor in the Child Study Center; Co-Director, Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity

Research Interests

Epidemiology & Neurobiology of Dyslexia

Research Summary

Sally E. Shaywitz, M.D., studies dyslexia in children and adults. She is the author of over 200 scientific articles, chapters and books, including, Overcoming Dyslexia (Knopf, 2003) which details critical scientific findings in dyslexia and how to translate this scientific knowledge into clinical practice. Her research provides the basic framework: conceptual model, epidemiology and neurobiology for the scientific study of dyslexia. Dr. Shaywitz originated and championed the “Sea of Strengths” model of dyslexia which emphasizes a sea of strengths of higher critical thinking and creativity surrounding the encapsulated weakness found in children and adults who are dyslexic. Her most recent work provides the long awaited empiric evidence for the unexpected nature of dyslexia.

Selected Publications

  • Overcoming Dyslexia: A new and complete science-based program for reading problems at any level. New York: NY, Alfred A. Knopf, 2003; Vintage, 2005.
  • Paying attention to reading: the neurobiology of reading and dyslexia. Shaywitz SE, Shaywitz BA. Dev Psychopathol. 2008 Fall;20(4):1329-49.
  • The education of dyslexic children from childhood to young adulthood. Shaywitz SE, Morris R, Shaywitz BA. Annu Rev Psychol. 2008;59:451-75.
  • Longitudinal models of developmental dynamics between reading and cognition from childhood to adolescence. Ferrer E, McArdle JJ, Shaywitz BA, Holahan JM, Marchione K, Shaywitz SE. Dev Psychol. 2007 Nov;43(6):1460-73.
  • A case of less than meets the eye. Shaywitz BA, Ferrer E, Shaywitz SE. Ann Neurol. 2007 Aug;62(2):109-11.

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