Antonio Riera, MD, FAAP

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics (Emergency Medicine); Director, INSPIRAR Proyect; Director, Pediatric Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Curriculum; Director, Yale Pediatric and Medicine-Pediatrics Emergency Rotations; Director, Yale Pediatric Emergency Medicine Elective

Research Organizations

Pediatrics: Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Extensive Research Description

“Ultrasound evaluation of skull fractures in children”
- poster presentation at Pediatric Academic Societies Annual Meeting 5/2010 and abstract presentation at Eastern Society for Pediatric Research 3/2010

"Remember the saphenous: ultrasound evaluation and IV site selection of peripheral veins in young children"
- abstract presentation at Eastern Society for Pediatric Research 3/2009

Selected Publications

  • Riera, A., Hsiao A, Langhan M., Goodman TR, Chen L. “Diagnosis of intussusception by novice physician sonographers in the emergency department.” Annals of Emergency Medicine. March 2012, Article in Press
  • Riera, A., Chen, L., “Ultrasound Evaluation of Skull Fractures in Children” Pediatric Emergency Care. May 2012, 28(5): p.420-425.
  • Riera, A., Langhan, M., Northup, V., Santucci, K., Chen, L. “Remember the Saphenous; ultrasound evaluation and site selection of peripheral veins in children.” Pediatric Emergency Care. December 2011, 27(12): p. 1121–1125
  • Alletag, M, Riera, A, Langhan, M, Chen, L. Use of emergency ultrasound in the diagnostic evaluation of an Infant with vomiting: Pediatric Emergency Care. October 2011, 27(10): p. 986-989
  • Riera, A., Walker, D. The impact of race and ethnicity on care in the pediatric emergency department. Current Opinion in Pediatrics. June 2010, 22(3): 284-289
  • Chen L, Hsiao A, Langhan M, Riera A, Santucci K. Use of bedside ultrasound to assess degree of dehydration in children with gastroenteritis. Acad Emerg Med. 2010 Oct;17(10):1042-7

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Antonio Riera, MD, FAAP
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Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital
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