Clinical Training

Clinical training occurs during the three fellowship years. Assignments in the PED during the first 3-6 months of fellowship focus on developing the knowledge and skills necessary to practice independently and to supervise. These fellow shifts are supervised by the attending PED physician. Beginning in the second half of the first year, fellows begin practice as senior physician for overnight shifts, approximately two per month. During the second and third years, the fellow refines the skills of running the emergency department and promoting flow, with further autonomy.

Throughout the Fellowship, there is an emphasis on concise, accurate documentation of patient encounters and procedures performed. Additionally, fellows will keep a log of procedures performed, from the prosaic to the extraordinary.

Fellows take the annual specialty in-training exam (SITE), and are reimbursed for the exam after its completion.

Fellows should complete a brief chart note on all patients seen, and document procedures completed. Additionally, a procedure log is kept across the 3 years.

Vacation: 4 weeks/year, to be taken during PED months.