Yale Resident Spanish Initiative

In conjunction with the Office of Interpreter Services and the Yale University Department of Spanish, we have developed a rigorous but flexible medical Spanish curriculum designed to improve communication with monolingual Spanish patients. This curriculum is open to all residents in at least their PGY-2 year who have at least basic Spanish language proficiency. It is our goal that participants who complete the intermediate course will continue through to the advanced course in the following year.

Learning Objectives/Goals for the course:

  1. Expand general vocabulary and comfort utilizing medical Spanish
  2. Enhance cultural competency for providing appropriate medical care and education to Spanish-speaking patients
  3. Prepare a written presentation on a basic health topic and this deliver presentation to a community group of Spanish-speakers

This year we are excited to continue with the Community Health Education project as a core part of the curriculum. Participants will be expected to work together in small groups to prepare a basic health education presentation (in Spanish) on a topic of their choice. The project will include both the creation of a poster with written information as well as a short oral presentation. YRSI instructors will be available to assist with revisions and provide feedback.

Participants will deliver their presentations at an adult education class at Junta For Progressive Action, a local organization that strives to advocate for and empower the greater New Haven Latino and low-income communities through various educational, cultural, and economic programs and initiatives.

Class sizes will be limited this year. As part of the application, please be specific when explaining your interest in this class. Remember, there are many people who would like to take this course. Please only apply if you truly feel you can stay committed to the course. Additionally, as practice and feedback are integral to learning a new language, you will be assigned a YRSI tutor who you will be expected to meet with at least six times throughout the year to review and practice the material. Keep in mind -- this is primarily a self-driven course; the more you put in, the more you will gain!

The Intermediate and Advanced Curriculum

The curriculum consists of 9 self-directed (and self-paced) modules. Each module consists of three of activities.


Faculty Director

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