A Few Words from the Chief Residents

People often ask us why we chose to be chief residents. Each of us has our own personal reasons, whether we hoped to spend time doing more research, teaching, or administrative work. However, the unifying motivation for why we each applied for the job is that we love the Yale Pediatric Residency Program and our residents.

At Yale, we take our education very seriously. The faculty is as enthusiastic about teaching and caring for patients as they are about their research. Often, rather than being taught by an attending who is merely familiar with a diagnosis, you are taught by someone who has written about it. While teaching time is protected in scheduled conferences, opportunities for teaching are also seized at the bedside and among residents. You will be encouraged to be curious, to ask questions, and to seek out answers.

Of course, you will learn the most from your patients. You will see a wide variety of patients because we serve the surrounding urban community in addition to being a tertiary referral center. Your experiences will range from watching children grow up in your own continuity clinic to helping manage complex congenital heart disease patients in the ICU. You will learn to treat common diagnoses and see diagnostic dilemmas rarely seen outside of a tertiary center. You will be encouraged to formulate your own plan of care, supported by fellows and attendings whom you will quickly come to know on a first name basis. This balance will allow you to maximize your learning while still maintaining the highest level of patient care.

There is a distinct collegial atmosphere here — in our interaction with the faculty, our outstanding community pediatricians, and certainly among the housestaff. You will find that your co-residents become some of your closest friends. The formation of strong friendships will occur during late nights caring for a sick child, and through the Yale tradition of bringing the post-call intern breakfast and coffee in the morning.

Our residency training at Yale has prepared us well for the next stage in our clinical and academic training. We are very excited to have this extra year to spend working closely with the pediatric residents and the Department of Pediatrics here at Yale. We look forward to meeting you on your interview day and showing you how great our program is! Feel free to contact us with any questions about the program or the interview process that you may have at pedichiefs@yale.edu.

Sei Kim, MD, Rachel Osborn, MD, Aaron Prosnitz, MD
Yale Pediatric Chief Residents 2013-2014