Continuing Medical Education

The Office of Medical Education within the Department of Pediatrics has developed a broad and comprehensive series of educational activities that serve the continuing medical educational needs of our faculty, community practitioners and colleagues throughout the country. Our continuing medical education endeavors are encompassed by three primary activities: Grand Rounds, Outreach Conferences, Continuing Medical Education Conferences.

The Department takes great pride in its Grand Round series which runs annually from September through June. Pediatric Grand Rounds is the premier teaching and educational activity of the Department and addresses key concepts within the realm of state of the art pediatrics including those related to novel and important developments in research, clinical diagnosis and management, child advocacy, international pediatrics and community pediatrics. The series draws on the expertise of the Department's full-time faculty, our talented community physicians and leaders and from national and international leaders in the field.

Pediatric Grand Round Lecture Archive

The Department of Pediatrics provides an ongoing series of Outreach Conferences to our colleagues in hospitals and clinics throughout the State. Each year there are numerous such conferences provided on all manner of pediatric topics to the Departments of Pediatrics at the Bridgeport Hospital, William Backus Hospital in Norwich and Norwalk Hospital. The Office of Medical Education works closely with the medical leadership at each of these hospitals to provide up to date, evidence based information that is germane to the practitioners in those communities. These Conferences are presented by the Department's full-time faculty.

The Department of Pediatrics began annual CME Conferences designed to provide important pediatric teaching to a national audience. The first of these conferences was the Yale Pediatric Update - 2003 which was held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Greenwich, CT in June of 2003. More than 70 attendees from throughout the Northeast and Atlantic states enrolled for the conference. The 2nd annual CME conference, Yale Pediatric Update - 2004, was again held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Greenwich, CT and conference attendance increased by 20%. The 3rd was held in New Haven in September of 2005 and featured timely topics designed to provide the pediatric practitioner with practical and insightful information which can be applied to pediatric practice. 

Through this same time period, two other important and successful CME courses have begun. The Pediatric Endocrine Update is now in it's 2nd year and brings national leaders from the field to New Haven to discuss breaking developments in research and clinical care. This conference attracts a wide variety of practitioners from throughout the area. The Yale PALS course is preparing for its second year and met with tremendous success in its inaugural event.

Yale Pediatric Update Archive