Robert W Elder MD

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics (Cardiology) and of Medicine (Cardiology)

Research Interests

Long-term outcomes of the Fontan operation; Liver disease associated with congenital heart disease; Immune function in adults with congenital heart disease.

Selected Publications

  • Mori M, Aguirre AJ, Elder RW, Kashkouli A, Farris AB, Ford RM, Book WM. Beyond a broken heart: circulatory dysfunction in the failing Fontan. Pediatr Cardiol. 2014 Apr;35(4):569-79.
  • Elder RW. A piece of my mind. Learning from improbable longevity. JAMA. 2013 Nov 20;310(19):2041-2.
  • Elder RW, McCabe NM, Hebson C, Veledar E, Romero R, Ford RM, Mahle WT, Kogon BE, Sahu A, Jokhadar M, McConnell ME, Book WM. Features of portal hypertension are associated with major adverse events in Fontan patients: The VAST study. International Journal of Cardiology 2013, Oct 9;168(4):3764-9.
  • Elder RW, Parikh, S, Book WM. More on Hepatocellular Carcinoma after the Fontan Procedure (letter). New England Journal of Medicine. 2013, 369(5): 490.
  • Elder RW, Quaegebeur JM, Bacha EA, Chen JM, Bourlon F, William IA. Outcomes of the Infant Ross Procedure for Congenital Aortic Stenosis Followed into Adolescence. Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery 2013, 145(6):1504-1511.
  • Trapp CM, Elder RW, Gerken AT, Sopher AB, Lerner S, Aranoff GS, Rosenzweig EB. Pediatric Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension and Hyperthyroidism: A Potentially Fatal Combination. Journal of Clinical Endocrine and Metabolism 2012, 97(7):2217-2222.
  • Elder RW and Hellenbrand WE. Pulmonary venous obstruction in the atrial switch operation: a forgotten complication. Pediatric Cardiology 2012, 33(7):1183-1186.

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