Alan Harold Friedman MD

Professor of Pediatrics (Cardiology); President, Yale New Haven Hospital Medical Staff

Research Interests

Fetal echocardiography; Echocardiography in congenital heart disease

Research Summary

Dr. Friedman participates in research to evaluate the cardiovascular transition from the fetus to the newborn. Dr. Friedman is working with members of the Section of Hematology and Oncology to evaluate the hemodynamic effects of Sickle Cell Disease in the outpatient setting. He is also working in a project that examines the effects of hyperphosphatemia on myocardial performance. Dr. Friedman is also active in novel and innovative methods of pediatric resident education and systems management.

Selected Publications

  • Colon M, Anderson RH, Weinberg P, Mussatto K, Bove E, Friedman AH. Anatomy, morphogenesis, diagnosis, management and outcomes for neonates with common arterial trunk. Cardiol Young. 2008 Dec;18 Suppl 3:52-62.
  • Bahtiyar MO, Dulay AT, Weeks BP, Friedman AH, Copel JA. Prenatal course of isolated muscular ventricular septal defects diagnosed only by color Doppler sonography: single-institution experience. J Ultrasound Med. 2008 May;27(5):715-2
  • Pashankar FD, Carbonella J, Bazzy-Asaad A, Friedman A. Prevalence and risk factors of elevated pulmonary artery pressures in children with sickle cell disease. Pediatrics. 2008 Apr;121(4):777-82
  • Friedman AH, Fogel MA, Stephens P, Hellinger JC, Nykanen DG, Tweddell J, Feltes TF, Rome JJ. Identification, imaging, functional assessment and management of congenital coronary arterial abnormalities in children. 2007. Cardiol Young:17(suppl. 2): 56-67.
  • Bahtiyar MO, Dulay AT, Weeks BP, Friedman AH, Copel JA. Prevalence of congenital heart defects in monochorionic/diamniotic twin gestations: a systematic literature review. J Ultrasound Med. 2007 Nov;26(11):1491-8.
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