The Pathology Department Grants Team can help you find research funding sources, develop your research grant, and get it submitted on time with every “t” crossed and every “i” dotted.

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What happens when I enter the queue?

StepsDescription / ResponsibilityTimeline
PI intends to apply for grantPI information in the Pathology Grants Queue30 business days (6 weeks) before application due date 

Grant Coordinator Corinne Brewi will e-mail PI with specific follow-up questions and subsequently provide a custom checklist of required items.   

Grant Coordinator will notify Grant Team members Shilpa Shukla  and Paula Grimm.

Within 2 business days of entering the queue. 
Start PD in IRESEntered by Grant Team Members 
Assemble ApplicationEntered by Grant Team Members 

10 - 14 business days prior to application due date

(depending on complexity of submission)

Draft application ready for reviewGrant Coordinator notifies other Grant Team Members when draft is ready for review7 business days prior to application due date
Final applicationRoute final proposal for sign off
When applicable, final proposal will be available in eCommons for viewing

Pathology Grants Team

Grants Coordinator:
Corinne Brewi

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