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Surgical pathology is the study of tissues removed from patients during surgery to assist in the diagnoses of a disease and to assist in the treatment plan for patients—for example, to distinguish between benign (non-cancerous) and malignant (cancerous) cells, to detect early genetic changes that may lead to cancer, and to identify infectious cells in body tissues. The Surgical Pathology Laboratory here at Yale receives on a daily basis all biopsy and surgical resection specimens from the Yale–New Haven Hospital operating rooms and from our Outreach clients.

Surgical Pathology Laboratory Management Team

Quality management in the Surgical Pathology Laboratory is one of the most important aspects of our operations because it focuses our daily activities on assuring patient safety in the laboratory testing process. Andrea J. Viray, Clinical Operations Manager, is directly responsible for quality management in Surgical Pathology. Our department’s abilities are dependent on effective management and clear decision-making. Highly trained technical staff, using the most advanced instrumentation and following very specific operating procedures, handle each patient case submitted to the Surgical Pathology Laboratory. Our commitment to and compliance with all quality management guidelines assures our clinicians and patients that they are receiving the highest quality patient care for their testing event. The Surgical Pathology Laboratory management team works together at each phase of laboratory testing to produce high quality microscope slides for patient diagnoses.

Surgical Pathology Operations

Gross Room Team

The Gross Room Manager is responsible for the initial phases of surgical pathology processing. The Manager and two additional pathologists’ assistants perform the highly skilled, detail-oriented manual techniques required for initial pathologic examination and submission of tissue for histologic examination. The case intake staff support the pathologists’ assistants by accurately performing specimen receipt and accessioning all patient testing data into our laboratory information system.

Histology Team

Cindy DeRiso, Histology Manger, is responsible for the transformation of tissue into high quality microscope slides for our pathologists. The many steps and procedures involved are very well defined processes, involving intricate manual and semi-automated techniques.

Report Generation and Transcription Unit

Rachael Leftridge manages the report generation and transcription unit. This unit processes pathology reports for our pathologists. The reporting process must accurately include all the necessary clinical, microscopic, and diagnostic information reported by our highly specialized pathologists. The report generation unit also readily triages all incoming phone calls regarding patient reports, as well as carefully filing and storing microscope slides in our permanent archives.

Surgical Pathology

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