Zongzhi Liu PhD

Associate Research Scientist in Pathology

Departments & Organizations

Pathology: Nguyen Lab; Yan Lab

Research Interests

RNA-seq analysis; ChIP-seq analysis; Exome-seq analysis; microbial sequencing analysis more...


  • M.S., Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, 1998
  • Ph.D., Chinese Academy of Sciences, P.R.C., 2002

Selected Publications

  • Giovanni Zito, Ichiko Saotome, Zongzhi Liu, Enrico G Ferro, Thomas Y Sun, Don X Nguyen, Kaya Bilguvar, Christine J Ko, and Valentina Greco. “Spontaneous Tumour Regression in Keratoacanthomas Is Driven by Wnt/retinoic Acid Signalling Cross-Talk.” Nature Communications 2014 (5): 3543.
  • Jian Cao, Zongzhi Liu, William K C Cheung, Minghui Zhao, Sophia Y Chen, Siew Wee Chan, Carmen J Booth, Don X Nguyen, and Qin Yan. “Histone Demethylase RBP2 Is Critical for Breast Cancer Progression and Metastasis.” Cell Reports 2014 6(5): 868–77.
  • William K Cheung; Minghui Zhao; Zongzhi Liu; Laura E Stevens; Paul D Cao; Justin E Fang; Thomas F Westbrook; Don X Nguyen Control of alveolar differentiation by the lineage transcription factors GATA6 and HOPX inhibits lung adenocarcinoma metastasis. Cancer Cell 2013 23(6):725-38



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