Vinita Parkash MBBS

Associate Professor of Pathology; Director, Surgical Pathology, Bridgeport Hospital

Research Interests

Gynecologic; Obstetric Pathology

Research Summary

My research interests focus on uterine neoplasia and gestational trophoblastic neoplasia. More recently, I have become interested in Quality Assurance in Anatomic Pathology and standardization of diagnostic criteria in gynecologic pathology. I have also written on Medicolegal aspects of Pathology.

Extensive Research Description

Selected Publications

  • Parkash V.The legal system and the surgical pathologist: through the eyes of the defendant.Am J Surg Pathol. 2008 Feb32(2):316-22
  • Fadare O, Parkash V. Maintenance-of-certification requirements for pathologists. Hum Pathol. 2007 Mar38(3):524
  • Fadare O, Ghofrani M., Chacho C, Parkash V. The significance of benign endometrial cells in cervicovaginal smears. Adv Anat Pathol. 2005 Sep12(5):274-87
  • Fadare O, Parkash V, Carcangiu ML, Hui P. Epithelioid trophoblastic tumor: clinicopathological features with an emphasis on uterine cervical involvement. Mod Pathol. 2006 Jan19(1):75-82
  • Hui P, Martel M, Parkash V Gestational trophoblastic diseases: recent advances in histopathologic diagnosis and related genetic aspects. Adv Anat Pathol. 2005 May12(3):116-25
  • Parkash V, Chacho MS. Psammoma bodies in cervicovaginal smears: significance and practical implications for diagnostic cytopathology. Adv Anat Pathol. 2004 Sep11(5):250-61.
  • Parkash V et al. Immunohistochemical detection of Listeria antigens in the placenta in perinatal listeriosis. Int J Gynecol Pathol. 1998 Oct17(4):343-50.

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