AP Only Training

Training in AP-only is most commonly for individuals who either have already decided that the focus of their clinical practice will be within some subspecialty area of anatomic pathology, or for individuals who are planning a career which combines on-going basic or applied research and a more limited clinical practice of pathology.

AP-Only training begins with the 24 month core AP curriculum described above for the AP/CP track. The third year of training typically includes at least six months of specifically designed AP-3 rotations: "Hot seat", frozen section, autopsy senior resident, and general surgical pathology signout at Bridgeport Hospital. These cross-specialty rotations carry minimal grossing responsibility and are designed to strengthen the resident's diagnostic skills, further their role as clinical consultants, and transition the resident toward the independent practice of pathology. The remaining six months can be used to spend additional time on these AP-3 rotations as well as for clinical and/or research electives. Alternatively, a full six month block of protected research time can be arranged.

The specific research strengths in the Department of Pathology are diverse and include basic as well as translational research. Major efforts are centered in cell biology, virology, cancer biology and diagnosis, biotechnology, computational biology, vasculogenesis and vascular disease, mitochondrial biology, structural biology. Many of the laboratories have overlapping interests and have joined together to build program projects. The department is also home to several core facilities for the institution, folded together into "Yale Pathology Tissue Services", which provides tissue procurement and banking, tissue micro-array, and research histology services.