Resident Perspective

Welcome to New Haven and Yale Pathology! We want this to be a practical guide for a general understanding of the program and New Haven from a resident's perspective. It is based on discussion with many residents, and was put together largely by Tiffani Milless and Naomi Yoo. Photography was by Jarek Jedrych.

Work Tips for First Year Residents


Most common route through the program: AP first two years, CP third year, AP/CP split fourth year for the combined program.

Sinard (residency director), Haines (associate residency director), and Rinder (associate residency director) are your main go-to people for your progress through residency and you meet with one of them every half-year. They guide in updating your CV, what to think about for the next step. Template and other organizational forms provided on the residency web-page under forms and downloads. They are also very useful when it comes time to apply for fellowships because they can give advice, help with your CV, and aid in the application process or link you to someone else who can.

Learn more about a typical day on AP and CP:

Study Material

We get $1400 per year for books/journals/membership to professional organizations/some software as well as smartphones. We do have a book lady that visits twice a year that is supposed to be cheaper. (You'll have to do a cost comparison. Do think it is a little cheaper, but Amazon may be comparable.)

Practice of Surgical Pathology is a good starting text that is great for reading the night before you start a service to familiarize yourself with the basic histology and common pathology.

A general overview surgical pathology book is nice to have around. Some people like: Sternberg, Rosai, or Modern Surgical Pathology. Good question book is Lefkowitz Anatomical Pathology Review Book.

The Pathology Intranet web-page has a link called Board study material that Bart Kenney (attending/former resident/fellow) made. (It's material he made while studying for boards and very comprehensive.) Since it's on the intranet, you can't get to it from outside.


Secure on-site parking in the Air Rights Garage is provided to house staff at a subsidized rate through payroll deductions which costs around $26 per paycheck (~$50 per month). While not indoor, there is a "skywalk" so you can get from your car into the hospital without having to go through an uncovered area, great for days when it is raining. Some people who live near the hospital in downtown New Haven choose to leave their cars in this garage and walk to work due to the significant savings compared to paying full-price for other downtown garages.

Hospital Food

You can register your hospital ID at the "food office" in the sub-sub basement to get 20% off your purchases and the money is taken from your paycheck. Your card works on all the hospital cafeterias, including the Atrium Cafe (which has good salads, sandwiches, and personal pizzas.)

Food carts


Carts make lunch worth living. They line Cedar Street and enable you to get a delicious hot meal from a local restaurant for $3-6 or so. Lots of variety, including Thai, Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Ethiopian, Korean, Japanese, Mediterranean, and Standard American (hotdogs, hamburgers, Philly Cheese Steak). Gelato and ice cream in the summer. Kettle corn. Cupcakes on occasion.


Coffee in the hospital is plentiful and of varying quality, from BAD to decent. Options include:

  • Institutional-grade mass-produced coffee in the Surgpath breakroom. Caffeinated and free, but reminiscent of sludge.
  • Traditional coffeemaker in the Surgpath resident room and Starbucks grounds. Drawback: not always the cleanest
  • Keurig machine in the housestaff lounge across from Surgpath (not always stocked with pods but you can bring your own), and one in Cytology (always well-equipped)
  • Main YNHH cafeteria with standard Green Mountain coffee in a few flavors per day
  • Atrium Cafe with a full lineup of coffee (a few different brews), espresso, lattes, iced coffee, etc
  • Starbucks in the atrium of Smilow
  • The Overlook Cafe (second-floor Smilow Coffee bar), relatively new and untested, probably pretty good (have good iced coffee... get it with a vanilla flavor shot! No lattes or espresso though)
  • Dunkin' Donuts right outside the main YNHH entrance attached to the parking garage
  • Blue State Coffee --a coffee shop on the corner of Cedar St. and Congress Ave, which is by Autopsy and the library. Nice for an afternoon pick-me-up during autopsy.

Accessing Clinical Data

There are several clinical applications, but there are a few that tend to be used mostly. Tend to mostly use: Sunrise Clinical Manager (SCM); Centricity; Synapse (Radiology).


You'll develop a love/hate relationship with CoPath in due time. This is how you will submit blocks to histology, order recuts and stains, check on the status of your cases, and perform searches for research projects. Remote access is available.

Professional Organizations

CAP and ASCP are both free for residents. Sign up at the beginning to have professional societies to put on your CV. Perk-CAP membership also comes with a free subscription to CAP Today and Archives.