Space and Computers

Both departments have dedicated space for the exclusive use of the residents. AP-1 residents on the autopsy service have dedicated carrel space in the Autopsy Residents' room next to the autopsy suite. This room also has four computers, a printer, a high-end photomicroscope with a digital camera, and three additional microscopes, as well as a small library and two phone lines. All residents on AP rotations have dedicated carrel space in the Surgical Pathology Residents' room. This room has four computers (in addition to the dozen in the adjacent signout space), a printer, a scanner, and phones. Individual microscopes are present in the carrels. The adjacent signout area has a photomicroscope with a digital camera and an extensive library of reference books. All residents on CP rotations have desks in the residents' room on the fourth floor in the Park Street Building. This room has four computers, a printer, and a library.

All of the resident computers include Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Residents will be expected to learn how to prepare and present digital conferences using PowerPoint. The conference rooms in both departments, as well as most conference rooms throughout the institution, are equipped with digital projection equipment.