Research Experience

Each resident is strongly encouraged to complete some form of clinical-pathologic investigation during the course of their residency. A variety of options and opportunities are available, ranging from a detailed study of multiple cases using a new diagnostic approach to implementation of a new clinical diagnostic test to a basic research project. The results of the study should be presented intradepartmentally and, if appropriate, submitted for presentation as either an abstract at a national meeting or a manuscript for publication (or both). These projects should be conducted under the supervision of a faculty member in Pathology or Laboratory Medicine, and funding for these investigations are available through the faculty (who can solicit additional funding from the department if needed).

Residents on the physician-scientist pathway, particularly those on the AP-only and CP-only training tracks, may elect to incorporate up to six months of full time research into their training. This experience must be approved by the Program Director to be sure that it will be eligible for credit toward the training requirement. This discussion should occur no later than the first half of the academic year preceding that during which the research is planned, to assure adequate time to plan for coverage of the service needs of the program (for AP-only or CP-only tracks, this means during the first half of the second year of training). Residents must be in good standing with respect to their clinical training, and will be expected to submit a written proposal describing the purpose and scope of the planned research. The research may be conducted under the direction of a faculty member in any department at Yale University. The research proposal should be approved by the research sponsor before being submitted to the Program Director. The Departments of Pathology and/or Laboratory Medicine will guarantee salary funding for an additional two years of research (non-ACGME accredited) following completion of the residency training. This will aid in launching that resident on a successful research career. Any resident planning to pursue this career path should discuss their plans with the Program Director and/or Chair of either department early in their training.

For those residents with an MD degree who desire not only research training but also a PhD degree, Yale offers an Investigative Medicine Program. Residents enter this program after completion of the residency training, and pursue additional course work and research leading to a PhD degree.