Veteran's Administration Connecticut Healthcare System (AP-1)

  • Dr. Robert Homer
  • Dr. Bart Kenney
  • Dr. Antonio Galvao Neto
  • Dr. Nelofar Shafi
  • Dr. Susan Gobel

The rotation at the West Haven campus of the VA Connecticut Healthcare System allows the resident to function in an environment where the clinical material and the problems that challenge the Pathologist are different from those encountered at YNHH. Because the team of residents is small, exchange among the housestaff and contact with the signouts is enhanced.

The VA has its own hospital-wide computer system, and residents are expected to become familiar with its use. One major feature of the VA is the availability of a complete electronic medical record which allows comprehensive clinical and laboratory correlation with all diagnostic specimens. The VA is a major site for the pathologist assistant program so that ability to learn to work with PAs early in each of the residents/PA training is a feature of the rotation.

Additional Resident Duties and Responsibilities

  • Residents will be expected to be on-site at the VA at least five hours each day they are assigned to that rotation
  • Residents will preview all slides on surgical and cytology cases and sign them out with a pathologist.

Additional Goals and Objectives for the VA AP-1 Rotation

Patient Care:

  • Becoming proficient in supervising pathology assistant students in the standard techniques for the gross evaluation, dictation, and dissection of resection specimens, paying particular attention to issue of diagnostic and prognostic significance
  • Looking up, prior to signout, relevant history on CPRS electronic medical record
  • Taking responsibility in assisting with obtaining consultations from affiliated academic institutions

Interpersonal and Communication Skills:

  • Attending GI, GU Hematopathology and General Tumor Boards and being able to discuss the key features of their cases