Anatomic Pathology Conferences

Weekly Microscopic Case Conference (Mondays - 8:00 AM)

This conference is a discussion of miscellaneous "unknown" cases. The major purpose will be to generate a discussion of diagnostic criteria and salient histological features for a group of cases. Slides will be routinely available a few days in advance, and residents are expected to have previewed the slides and thought about diagnostic approaches prior to the conference.

Residents on each of the specialty rotations should submit slides from interesting cases to the senior resident on the "Hot-Seat" rotation. Approximately six cases, typically including one cytology case, will be discussed each week. Residents are expected to be able to describe the pathology present on the slide, develop an appropriate differential diagnosis, know how to distinguish between the entities in the differential diagnosis, describe the pathologic features of the entity, and discuss the natural history, clinical significance, and current treatments for the entity.

Pathology Didactic Conferences (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, some Thursdays - 8:00 AM)

These conferences are generally formatted as lectures or unknown slides conferences with a specific theme, and are presented by the Clinical Faculty or invited guest speakers. Topics vary from basic diagnostic pathology, specialty areas and disease classifications, stress management, laboratory management, and special techniques. The chief resident schedules the speakers for these conferences.

Gross Conference (Many Thursdays - 8:00 AM)

This time is available for gross conferences on either surgical or autopsy cases, which are run by an attending. The senior resident on autopsy is responsible for organizing the conference with the help of the frozen section resident. It is based on generating a differential diagnosis for a disease process from the examination of gross specimens. Techniques for the appropriate handling of specimens in the gross room are also discussed.

Grand Rounds Speaker Conference (Some Thursdays - 8:00 or 8:30 AM)

When an outside speaker has been invited to give Departmental Grand Rounds, that speaker may give a special conference for the residents. During these weeks, this conference will replace the weekly Gross Conference. These conferences represent a rare opportunity to interact closely with a distinguished diagnostic pathologist and benefit from their years of experience.

Department Grand Rounds (Thursdays - 12:30 PM)

Departmental Grand Rounds are given by a member of the Pathology faculty or by an invited guest speaker either from another department at Yale or from an outside institution. The content and format will vary depending on the speaker, and topics will range from recent research results to discussion of a clinical case. Grand Rounds typically run from September through June. Grand Rounds has been approved for by Yale's Council on Continuing Medical Education for Continuing Medical Education Credit for the faculty and those fellows who need such credit.

Resident Presentation Conferences (most Fridays - 8:30 AM)

This is a resident-driven and -delivered conference on a topic of the resident's choice. The conference format is variable: it may be a one-hour didactic session, or may take the form of a journal club or case series review. Residents may also use this forum to present the results of their own research projects. The presentation should be formal and should demonstrate an in-depth review of the literature, encompassing historical, clinical, and basic science aspects of an anatomic pathology-related topic. Faculty attend this conference and will ask questions of the presenter and evaluate their performance. A major goal of this conference, in addition to its educational component, is to teach the resident how to format and present a formal conference. Each AP resident will give at least one of these conferences each year.

Forensic Pathology Conference (Approximately one evening each month - 5:30 PM)

Dr. James Gill, Medical Examiner from the Bronx in New York and a former Yale Pathology resident, gives this didactic conference. This conference affords the residents a broad exposure to findings in non-natural deaths and to the medical-legal investigation of death.