Organ, Tissues, and Eye Donation

The New England Organ Bank (NEOB) is responsible for performing organ and tissue donation at Yale New Haven Hospital. NEOB screens all reported Yale-New Haven Hospital deaths for suitablility prior to contacting the family for consent and patient history. Eversight Connecticut is contracted by NEOB to perform eye recoveries and will occasionally contact the family directly if NEOB has chosen not to pursue tissue recovery.

While associated with Yale-New Haven Hospital, both NEOB and Eversight Connecticut are separate entities that operate under the Connecticut Substitute House Bill No. 5407 Public Act No. 04-122.  To learn more about becoming an organ donor at Yale-New Haven Hospital, please visit Yale New Haven Health.

How Donation Affects Funeral Arrangements and an Autopsy

Organ, tissue and eye donation rarely delays funeral arrangements or the ability to perform an autopsy. Donation has a set period of time in which tissue may be recovered.

Donation does not interfere with our ability to perform an autopsy. We can obtain a report on the analysis of the organs, tissue or eyes recoveries. During the autopsy, we can examine the remaining tissue and still provide a comprehensive report on the findings.