Facility and Statistics


Our autopsy suite consists of an office, two autopsy rooms, a shared procedures room, a special procedures room, an observation room, and the morgue. The space is designed for the safety of the staff with negative pressure ventilation.


The senior autopsy technician contacts each Connecticut hospital at the end of the calendar year to gather information on how many autopsies each hospital has performed, excluding autopsies performed at OCME. Yale-New Haven Hospital performs the most hospital autopsies in the state of Connecticut with an average of 220 per year. Hartford Hospital performs 115 autopsies on average. All other hospitals average less than 70 cases a year. This information shows a statewide decrease in autopsy rates since 2000.

Part of the reason for this disparity is the guidelines set by each hospital for case acceptance. Yale-New Haven Hospital aspires to perform as many autopsies as possible as a service to our patients and their families. Many other hospitals refuse to perform an autopsy on patients who do not pass away at their facility, or only perform private autopsies for a fee.